Server-side synchronization is available in two versions: On-Premises and On-Demand (Cloud).

On-Demand (Cloud) Version Benefits

  • Easy to start. Just request trial account and license and start configuring your synchronization profile in few easy steps.
  • Automatic software update.
  • Works with On-Premise and Cloud versions of Salesforce and Exchange.
  • Save costs of maintaining own windows server. Everything runs in the cloud.
  • Daily backup.

Cloud version is recommended to small and mid-size organizations which want to save costs of maintaining own servers and intranet environment.

On-Premises Version Benefits

  • Utilize own computation resources (Windows Server) to run synchronizer to save license costs.
  • Meet security and access policy of your company: synchronization works on internal trusted host within company intranet.
  • Unlimited number of Profiles.
  • Synchronization interval is only limited by computing power and network facilities of your server.

On-Premise version is recommended to mid-size and large organizations which have own intranet resources and administration staff.