Gmail API quotas limit number of times one may access Google API during a day.

We should note here that quota usage by AGSync depends on several factors:

  1. Number of items synchronized. So if it is a 1st time sync (the user just added) usually this causes a significant quota load. So please avoid adding large arrays of users in one chunk. Add several users a day so initial synchronization fits into available quotes.

  2. Sync interval. Unless the sync interval is critical, reducing it to 5-10 or more minutes may help to reduce the quota usage.

  3. Number of users.

Step 1

Go to Google Developer Console and select a project created while preparing a service account (see

Usually the project is automatically selected if you open the URL. You should see project dashboard with API usage:

Normally default quotas are enough for users count up to 20 users (it also depends on number of items recently synchronized and sync rate).

Step 2

Go to quotas manager. Choose “Hamburger” menu:

And then choose “IAM & Admin”:

And then “Quotas”:

Step 3

Now you may review API usage numbers. If some of quotas appear to be exceeded or not enough then press “Edit” for specified API entry (in the screenshot we still have enough quota, but you may hit the limit):

Then you may edit limits for specific quota entries for a given API:

The popup dialog “shown to apply for a higher quota. Click “apply for higher quota.” link:

Step 4

Now fill the form:

Email Address*: filled automatically,

Project ID*: filled automatically

Description: You may fill it like that:

We use external sync tool (agsync: for many users in our organization. Since we have many Gmail users the default quota is not enough for the synchronization purposes.

Provide full details of error response for limit you are hitting *: Here is recommended answer:

Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT). You may monitor your quota usage and adjust limits in the API Console…

How much quota do you need? *: You need to estimate the required quota based on usage statistics and time. If your quota is exceeded in the middle of the day, then you need to increase it in 2-3 times. If it is the beginning of the day then try 5-10 times (maybe more if you have many users).

Finally confirm final questions to receive the response:

And press “Submit”.

Then wait for the response.