Use you license on any PC or Laptop with the GrinMark Floating license

  • The same floating license can be installed on muliple PC’s and Laptops to allow the same user to log on at home, at work or on the road.

SugarCRM - Outlook Integration

  • Contact Synchronization.
  • Archiving Emails to multiple Objects in SugarCRM (Contacts, Accounts, Opportunites, Bugs, Case, Projects).
  • Creating Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunites and Cases directly from Outlook.

Archiving Microsoft Office files to Objects in SugarCRM, MS Applications supported

  • Word, Excel.
  • PowerPoint, MSProject, Visio.

Create Mail Merge documents with MS Word adding data automatically from SugarCRM

  • MS Word templates stored centrally in the SugarCRM Documents module. (Free version is limited to 5 fields per template )
  • Finished document can be sent to recipients with Outlook, archiving a copy to SugarCRM.

Integration with Explorer "Send To" menu

PDF documents, images and other files could be archived to SugarCRM directly from Desktop or other folder window.

Custom fields support

All the tools could be reconfigured to support additional modules and additional fields in all searches.