Q: What is the AddIn?
A: AddIn is a short name for MS Office AddIn for SugarCRM used over this site.

Q: How to get a Trial license?
A: The simplest way to get a trial license is following:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Select one of Incoming Emails
  3. Choose "AddIns" tab and press archiving button:
  4. Fill information about Server URL and login name, then press "License and Activation Info"

  5. Press "Request Trial License..." button. The request will go to GrinMark from your email account and you should receive a reply with license file and instructions shortly.

Q: How to renew my license?
A: Do payment from this web site and send payment ID and old license to support@grinmark.com.

Q: How to add more users to my license?
A: Do a payment for as many users as you need and then send your current license and login names of new users to GrinMark to support@grinmark.com.

Q: GrinMark plugin is giving me an error and saying access is denied when trying to search for a Contact (Lead, Account, Opportunity etc). Are there certain restrictions that have to be allowed in the SugarCRM install for this plugin to work?
Yes, each SugarCRM user should have 'Export' permissions set through ACL or Roles. I recommend you to ask SugarCRM administrator to check following:

  1. Each AddIn user has "Export" permissions.
  2. If search still does not work, then do Repair/Rebuild metadata in SugarCRM (sometimes this causes the problems with ACL).

Q: Can you explain the precedence rules for synch'ing meetings and calls with Sugar and Outlook? For me, Outlook should generally prevail and it seems that I can periodically use Contact Synchronizer "Outlook->SugarCRM" for meetings and calls to ensure that any meetings scheduled in Outlook get carried/archived into Sugar. Is this correct?
A: The rules are simple:
Outlook->Sugar means:

  1. If Outlook item is new, it is added to Sugar.
  2. If Outlook item is already in Sugar, but was changed, then changes are made to corresponding sugar item.
  3. If Outlook item is already in Sugar, but it was explicitly deleted in Sugar, then it stays deleted
  4. If Outlook item is deleted in Outlook, then no action is performed.
Situation with Sugar->Outlook is very similar.

Q: What happens if a synch'd appointment in Outlook is changed to a new time or deleted. What will happen when I do "Outlook->SugarCRM"?
A: Changes are propagated from Outlook to SugarCRM. Items deleted in Outlook are skipped, i.e. AddIn never deletes items in either Outlook or SugarCRM.

Q: I want the AddIn to appear in different language. Can I force it to use the language of my choice?
A: You may do this by setting the following registry value: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GrinMark\SugarOutlook]
Where the "culture" specifies preferred culture code, i.e. "en" - English, "de" - German, "fr" - French and so on. Please, note that you will need to restart an application (Outlook, Word, etc) for these changes to take effect.

Q: Can I install the AddIn for all users under terminal server environment?
A: Yes. By default setup package installs the AddIn for current user only. For Terminal Server environment it is required to install it for all users. Make a setup as an Administrator in one of the following way:

MSIEXEC.EXE /I GrinMarkOfficeSetup.msi ALLUSERS=1
This installs shortcuts to the "All Users" profile, only administrators will be able to install the shortcuts in this way.
MSIEXEC.EXE /I GrinMarkOfficeSetup.msi ALLUSERS=2
For users, this will install the shortcut in the current user profile, for administrators, this will still install the profile for "All Users". As an administrator, if you wish to install the shortcuts in your own local profile, do not specify a value for the ALLUSERS property.

Q: I want to have <>Sugar button easily accessible. Now I have to click on "AddIns" tab. Is there a way to move it to the appropriate place?
A: Yes, one can make <>Sugar button accessible from Quick-Access bar. Right click on the button, and then click Add to Quick Access Toolbar on the shortcut menu.

Q: Email archiving takes long time. How to optimize it?
A: The speed of email archiving depends on connection speed to SugarCRM and size of the email message. These are first things to check. If you know that connection is not a problem we also recommend you to check Antivirus/Antispam software, and try to put GrinMark to the exception list.