This document describes essential steps required to get Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer up and running.



Short for Agile SugarCRM to Google Synchronizer.

Synchronization Profile

A set of Synchronization Scenarios applied to a number of users.

Synchronization Scenario

A number of Synchronization Rules to synchronize items of some kind. For example, two Rules responsible for synchronization of contacts from CRM to Exchange and from Exchange to CRM are combined together into “Synchronize Contacts” scenario.

Synchronization Rule

Single directed relationship between CRM and Google. For example, rule describes how to copy data from Google Contact to CRM Contact. Another rule describes how to copy contact data back. Rule may also define the way to find a Contact or an Account by Email address. Or it may define a way to make new CRM Case from Email message and so on.

SugarCRM Item

Any object in SugarCRM. It can be an Account, an Opportunity or any other entry that has “History” subpanel in its Detail view.

Archive Email to SugarCRM Item

Put (upload) Email or document to “History” subpanel for a given SugarCRM item.


Google Apps for Work account ( ).

What’s New

  • Version 1.0
    • Initial Version


  • SugarCRM v6.5 or higher. All flavors are supported (CE/Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate).

  • Gmail Account.

  • Windows-based host to run the Synchronizer.

  • License (a trial license may be requested during configuration).