This document describes essential steps required to get Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer up and running.



Short for Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer.

Synchronization Profile

A set of Synchronization Scenarios applied to a number of users.

Synchronization Scenario

A number of Synchronization Rules to synchronize items of some kind. For example, two Rules responsible for synchronization of contacts from CRM to Exchange and from Exchange to CRM are combined together into “Synchronize Contacts” scenario.

Synchronization Rule

Single directed relationship between CRM and Exchange. For example, rule describes how to copy data from Exchange Contact to CRM Contact. Another rule describes how to copy contact data back. Rule may also define the way to find a Contact or an Account by Email address. Or it may define a way to make new CRM Case from Email message and so on.

SugarCRM Item

Any object in SugarCRM. It can be an Account, an Opportunity or any other entry that has “History” subpanel in its Detail view.

Archive Email to SugarCRM Item

Put (upload) Email or document to “History” subpanel for a given SugarCRM item.


Exchange Web Services. Exchange server component essential for synchronization.

What’s New

  • Version 5.1
    • New installer upgrade policy (install over previous version)
    • Improved merge for appointments with same name
    • Improved speed when merging appointments CRM -> Exchange by using dates in selection
    • Alphabet grouping for archiving folders
    • Journaling of errors. All errors and warnings are now reflected in JournalView
    • Re-Sync button in Monitor forces attempt to fix sync Errors
    • Items with failed merge are now skipped and Error is reported
    • Feature to ignore old appointments and tasks
    • Monitor has all buttons moved to the toolbar
    • Zip Data, Zip Logs and open Data Folder from Profile Manager->About
    • Ability to open Reset Last Sync Time dialog in read only mode
  • Version 4.3
    • Recurring appoitnments synchronization
    • Improving meeting/call status synchronization
    • Option to control SSLv3
  • Version 4.2
    • License Manager Upgrade. Site licenses and tenant licenses (cloud) are now supported.
    • Show service messages in Profile Manager and Journal Viewer
    • Master Category List now may be deployed by AESync. Category names and colors may be defined in the Global Options Editor dialog
  • Version 4.1
    • Multiple SOAP protocols support (Sugar v2, .. v4)
    • Message Filtering for notifications (set in Global Options Editor)
    • Show Notifications in Profile Manager (on premise)
    • Synchronizer Desktop Shortcut
    • Refine the process of creating 1st synchronization profile
    • Journal Viewer: display history of synchronized items with ability to monitor and filter
    • Show New/Merged/Sync values for rules in grid columns
    • New installer engine. Download size is reduced.
  • Version 3.11
    • Email notifications
    • Journal and Log viewer
    • Global Options Editor
  • Version 3.10
    • Support for Office 365 2013
    • Copy/Move email after archiving
  • Version 3.9
    • Synchronization rules now can be overridden by user.
  • Version 3.8
    • Automatic merge for duplicate contacts in Exchange
  • Version 3.7
    • Auto-create Lead for Archived Email
    • Support for Public Folders
  • Version 3.6
    • Contact synchronization filters (My/All/Sync to Outlook)
    • Synchronizer monitor now allows modifying synchronization scenario options (Categories, folders, filtering and so on)
  • Version 3.5
    • Contacts synchronization scenario now defaults to standard Contacts folder (rather than [Contacts]\CRM Contacts subfolder)
    • Email attachments archiving
    • Improved support for old versions of Exchange 2007
    • Fixes to support MSSQL and Oracle (contact birthday date)
  • Version 3.4
    • Monitoring tool providing a view on the synchronizer journal. Shows how many items were synchronizer or created by given synchronization rule.
  • Version 3.3
    • Automated deployment test. Test set that may be used for validation of Exchange and CRM configuration before deploying in large-scale environments.
    • Synchronization rule triggering mechanism. Used for chaining sets of actions such as Create Opportunities from Email->Synchronize Opportunity list.
  • Version 3.2
    • Synchronizer configurator utility. May be used to set up fine grained synchronization scenarios.
  • Version 3.1
    • Fine-grained scheduler to control CRM and Exchange load over the day
  • Version 3.0
    • Rebranding support
    • Archiving folders (“Archive To” existing CRM item). Support for Opportunities and Cases
    • Automatic synchronizer service
  • Version 2.3
    • List items (show CRM items as emails)
  • Version 2.2
    • Email Archiving
  • Version 2.1
    • Exchange 2010 support
  • Version 2.0
    • Synchronization for Leads and Accounts, Meetings and Calls
  • Version 1.1
    • Appointment Synchronization with Meetings
  • Version 1.0
    • Synchronize Contacts and Tasks


  • SugarCRM v5.5 or higher. All flavors are supported (CE/Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate).

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 or higher or Office 365.

  • Windows-based host to run the Synchronizer (may be shared with Exchange host).

  • License (a trial license may be requested during configuration).