A common synchronization requirement is to filter CRM items that need to be synchronized.

For example, we may want to synchronize Open opportunities only.


We can configure what items are to be selected by synchronizer through CRM Filter option of the Synchronization monitor. This feature may be applied to all rules synchronizing from CRM to Exchange.

Step 1: Launch the Synchronization Monitor

Launch Synchronization Monitor from the main toolbar:

Step 2: Select Filter for List and Archive Opportunities Scenario

  1. Expand the required profile (Sales in this case)

  2. Select <Profile>/List and Archive Opportunities/List and Archive Opportunities (CRM->E) synchronization rule

  3. In the property grid expand the Task Options and find CRM Filter option:

Select Open Opportunities
This is a public view available in the default configuration of Dynamics CRM.

  1. Press Save button to apply () the changes:

What Happens Next

Once some changes to the profile are made, it takes some time to propagate. The operation of the synchronizer is the following:

  1. Finish all ongoing synchronization tasks (the more users are there in the profile the more time it takes)

  2. New synchronization settings are automatically re-read

  3. Synchronizer initialization is performed

  4. Synchronizer returns to normal working state

The tasks 1-4 are done automatically after you press the Save () button.

Please note: No previously synchronized items are deleted in the Exchange after changing CRM filters. For example, if you had an empty filter for opportunities and then set it to Open items then it is recommended to manually remove redundant items directly from Outlook. However if the configuration is set before the first synchronization then it should not be a problem – only Open items are get synchronized from the very beginning.

More Filters

For example you want to synchronize completed Tasks. But there is no such public view in the default configuration of Dynamics CRM. So you’ll need to create this view.

  1. Login to Dynamics CRM.

  2. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System

  3. Expand Components > Entities > Task > Views and press New button

  4. Provide name of the public view. E.g. All Tasks Including Completed.

  5. Select Edit Filter Criteria and specify filter parameters.

  6. Then press Add Columns in the right-side menu and select columns you want to see in Dynamics CRM. Note that Synchronizer ignores column configuration and always selects all necessary columns.

  7. Press Save and Close button. As a result you will see new filter in the list:

  8. Publish your customizations.

  9. Select All Tasks Including Completed in Synchronization Monitor (like in Step 2 of this HOWTO).