Adding More Users to AESync Cloud

Adding new user to a synchronization profile is a simple procedure. Here we describe how to prepare users and add them to the profile for synchronization.

Step 1: Prepare User

It is important to make sure that user has no other sync/integration solutions running. For example, there should be no Outlook or Sync plugins.

If there are any, then it is recommended to uninstall them completely before enabling AESync for the user.

Note: If you had only one user before you may need to make sure that you have Impersonation configured for your account. See: Preparing MS Exchange or Preparing Office 365 for more information.

Step 2: Login to AESync Cloud

Login to using the credentials provided in your welcome email during registration.

Step 3: Select Profile

In most cases there is only one profile available. But sometimes there is more than one (for example, one is doing email archiving and another doing contact sync). So, make sure you choose the required profile in the left panel:

Choose Profile

And then press Configure Selected Profile

Step 4: Choose License&Users


Step 5: Add User

Specify user's Email address and CRM login name:

Add User

Do not forget to press Insert button to add the user to the list.

Step 6: Press 'Check All Logins'

This is essential before finishing to make sure all credentials and user names and license are valid.

Check all logins

Step 7: Finish

If everything is OK then just press Finish. New user is immediately included into synchonization loop.

Note: Once new user is added the synchonizer may take a while before data gets in sync. This is typical for the case when user has lots of data in CRM or in Outlook and AESync needs time to find matching parts for its item. It may take from few minutes to few hours, so if you know that user has large history then it is recommended to add him/her in the evening or before weekend so his data gets in sync by the time when everyone is back.