Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer 5.2.1 is Out

Published on: 23 Nov 2015

Features added:
  • Feature: Journal "Description" for Appointments should contain event date to simplify log view.
  • Feature: Improve sync of recurring events where several attendees are CRM users.
  • Feature: Improve merge for appointments with same name
  • Feature: New installer upgrade policy (install over previous version)
  • Feature: Alphabet grouping for folders
  • Feature: Error reporting in Journal
  • Feature: Re-Sync button in Monitor forces attempt to fix errors from last
  • sync attempts
  • Feature: Items with failed merge are now skipped and Error is reported
  • Feature: Improve speed when merging appointments CRM -> Exchange by using dates in selection
  • Feature: Helper buttons to zip logs, zip data, Open folder
  • Feature: SkipAppointmentsBefore to ignore old appointments and tasks
  • Feature: Monitor has all buttons moved to the toolbar
  • Feature: Zip Data, Zip Logs and open Data Folder from Profile Manager->About
  • Feature: Ability to open Reset Last Sync Time dialog in read only mode
  • Fix: Journal datetime sort was incorrect (dates sorted as strings, need to sort by value).
  • Fix: Check Organizer when processing attendees S2E (organizer should be considered as one of the invitees).
  • Fix: Do not set Categories in Exchange for items that are skipped
  • Fix: GetFolderItems: Don't check unread items if MarkRead=false