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Do you like waiting? Wasting time? Here we are trying to figure out some ways of making environment faster with the help of GrinMark Synchronizer.

Waiting Cursors

Sometimes waiting is unavoidable. If I wait for a bus or for a train I see what I'm waiting for. Train is not yet here and I need to wait more. Unfortunately this is unavoidable but it is clear. The whole idea of IT is clarity. IT infrastructure is used to show data, to search for data, to collect more data. All that is good since it helps to clarify things. But sometimes it makes you feel... hm... embarrassed.

Sometimes you have to wait. It is boring. Waiting for train is also boring, so what is the problem? Everyone may have own explanation. My problem is simple: I don't understand why similar operations may take so different time? I want to know what I'm waiting for.

One day I opened browser and it launched like a charm. I've pressed a bookmark, it opened CRM login and filled data, I pressed "Log In" and found "Create new Lead" shortcut. Filled few fields and saved. 30 seconds for all. It was yesterday.

Next day everything was working differently. I had the same lead to quickly enter. I pressed browser shortcut and... OMG, it is updating browser, it is updating Flash. My Java is unsafe??? Come on, again??? OK, do everything, restore the safety, I'm waiting, will go and find some coffee. Finally, it is updated. Pressing CRM bookmark... Slow again, 10 seconds... 15 seconds... 20 seconds... Ok, finally it is here. Hmm, somewhat changed, auto-complete didn't work... Where is my password... You know, finally I succeeded. Lead is entered but why I spent 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds? What I was doing this time? I was waiting most of the time.

So in the outline: yesterday I entered new lead in CRM in few seconds, today it took maybe 10 minutes, guess why?

I was using many intermediate systems. PC, Browser, CRM. These systems have blocking behavior. I need to open browser to see CRM, I need to log in to access information and so on. The source of lead may be phone call or email. I don't want upgrades, updates, security fixes to happen at the time when I need to do some simple operation. Let me do what I want and then do whatever needed. I.e. my point is: background service tasks should not block primary work tasks.

Thus the basic idea behind GrinMark Synchronizer is:we want you to minimize switching overhead. You received call on mobile? You should be able to quickly find or create a lead in mobile phone. Preferably do it same way as you enter new private contacts. Also it is good if you may just enter data and forget about this point.

What if CRM connection is not currently available? It should not be a problem when you entering a lead. Data may go to CRM later when connection is available and may wait in my phone or email system meanwhile. I just don’t to care about it anymore after entering it.

This is a cornerstone of the GrinMark Synchronizer: Data is propagated to right place when possible. Your immediate task is to fill what you think is important to have valuable information properly organized. Just keep working with most comfortable environment. Everything else will be done for you on the server side.