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Your CRM and Exchange systems are already in the cloud and you are looking for ways of integration of these two systems. Reasonable approach is to setup integration in the cloud as well. Let’s go over benefits you can get with the GrinMark Synchronizer Cloud.

Cloud in the Sky

Cloud is Cloud

You’ve chosen CRM and Exchange on-demand solutions because you do not want to maintain server infrastructure within the organization. So it makes sense to make the same choice for integration platform. You’ll need no hardware for this, no maintenance costs, just access to web interface for administration.

Assisted Configuration

With the cloud solution GrinMark is always nearby and ready to assist with initial configuration or troubleshooting. This is much easier to arrange and do than with on-premises deployments. GrinMark team has access to the logging and monitoring data, can identify and eliminate problems rapidly.

Offload Routine Tasks

24/7 Monitoring

GrinMark Cloud is monitored 24/7. If anything goes unexpected, e.g. Exchange password expired and this broke connectivity or Exchange server is temporarily unavailable, you’ll know it immediately and GrinMark team will now it immediately and escalate problem resolution.


All internal databases and configuration files are automatically backed up on daily basis. You’ll need not to setup backup procedures and maintain disk storage.

Anywhere Access

GrinMark Synchronizer Cloud can be accessed from any device, be it desktop computer or tablet or phone. You can see what happens and make configuration changes anytime. If anything special happens in the cloud you get notifications to your email account which makes you always aware of what’s happening in the cloud.


GrinMark Synchronizer Cloud is a secure environment. All communications are SSL encrypted, passwords are hashed and protected.


GrinMark Synchronizer Cloud is a natural choice for those who want to integrate their online CRM and Exchange systems. And it also can be of great value for those who host CRM and Exchange in-house. Synchronization and integration under the constant observation from professional team is what enables you to not worry about routine tasks and devote more time to your business.