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Let’s go through possible scenario of working with Leads. The idea behind this showcase is to show how you can focus on your primary business activities and offload routine tasks.

  • Imagine that while being out of the office you got an Email. The sender of this Email is a new Lead asking about details of your products or services.
  • Shortly after you got the Email GrinMark Synchronizer created a corresponding Lead record in CRM system and related (archived) the Email to it.
  • Responsible person in the office sees the new Lead and Email and starts looking for details. Data found is immediately populated into the CRM database. New information about the Lead is synchronized to Exchange server and you see it in ‘CRM Leads’ subfolder in your phone’s address book.
  • You read this information and respond to the Lead appropriately. Your email is automatically archived to the Lead, so the whole new conversation is reflected in the CRM.

As a result you just did your work: read and responded to the email sender, all other activities were delegated to an office employee and GrinMark Synchronizer.

Working with Leads Diagram