Salesforce offers built-in server-side synchronization of data with Microsoft Exchange. It is called Salesforce Lightning Sync. GrinMark GESync is a cloud-based server-side sync solution that plays on the same field but better. Let's look at the comparison tables.

Supported Modules

Module Lightning Sync GESync
Contacts Yes Yes
Leads No Yes
Accounts No Yes
Events Yes Yes
Tasks No Yes
Emails No Yes
Cases No Yes
Opportunities No Yes

Events and Appointments Synchronization

Feature Lightning Sync GESync
Sync Direction E > CRM E > CRM, CRM > E, E <> CRM
Category Mapping n/a Category <> Event Record Type
Recurring Events n/a E > CRM
Sync Deletions n/a E <> CRM
Sync Invitees n/a E <> CRM
Skip Old Events n/a E <> CRM
Custom Logic n/a Supported

Besides default options GrinMark GESync is also backed-up by a team of professionals who can customize the solution for virtually any needs.

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