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GrinMark TextMiner is a Way to Automate Data Entry and Analysis

Email messages contain valuable auxiliary information in unstructured or semi-structured form. It can be an
  • entity like signature, address, event
  • or relationship (John worked with Mike at Hooli, Jane worked with leads from Aviato, Pied Piper and Goolybib).
  • or reference to an offer, quote, project, etc.

If such kind of information is already tracked in CRM you are completely fine. But first you need to get to this state.

If you do it as you go it is a routine but relatively simple task. You can enter new contacts or leads to a CRM system field-by-field, keep track of documents, opportunities, etc. The situation is worse when you just started to implement CRM in your company. You are in front of a huge email archive and information is somewhere inside. Hopefully you have some Excel spreadsheets, but they can be incomplete.

There is a solution. The process of mining and extraction of information from mail messages can be automated.

Here at GrinMark we start from Email Signature Extraction.

Email signatures are semi-structured. Though there are some common patterns people create a lot of variations for signature formats. Check the examples:

Sheldon Cooper
Senior Theoretical Physicist
1200 E California Blvd,
Pasadena, CA 91125, United States
(626) 555-9157 - phone
(626) 555-4717 - fax

Leonard Hofstadter
Neuron Ltd.
50 Oak Street, London W1T 1RJ, England
Tel: +44 20  5555 5543 | Fax: +44 20 5555 5518 | Mobile: +44 555 5555 5559
Mail: leonard.hofstadter@domain.local | Web:  http://www.domain.local/

Howard Wolowitz
Vice President, Purchasing, IT
Aerospace Parts & Materials
5064 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
555.555.1400 Ext. 4415  555.555.4415 (direct)
555.555.4270 (fax)   555.555.1380 (mobile) 

To cope with such variety we apply the power of machine learning to signature identification and extraction. We developed GrinMark TextMiner - a sophisticated technology that uses innovative algorithms to extract valuable structured data and relationships from email body.

In it's current state TextMiner recognizes people names, organizations, departments, titles, addresses, emails, urls and phones. GrinMark TextMiner is now a part of Outlook 365 Plugin and shortly will become a part of all other our integration tools.

For sales people it means
  • significantly reduced demand for manual data entry
  • add new contacts with a few clicks
  • easy update of existing contacts (you can see differences between CRM record and data from a signature)
  • can be used for legacy data, to mine contact information from email archive