Server-side Synchronization of CRM and Exchange

  • Supported servers

    Supported mail clients

    • Desktop clients: Outlook, Entourage, Apple Mail, Thunderbird
    • Mobile clients: iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

GrinMark delivers CRM data to mobile and desktop email clients by means of server-side synchronization of leading CRM systems and Microsoft Exchange.

GrinMark performs automatic detection and synchronization of Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Meetings, Calls, Appointments, Emails, Tasks, Opportunities and Cases. Operation is completely server side. No need for AddIns.

On-Premise and On-Demand (cloud) solutions are available.

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Customer's Feedback

We needed an option to archive e-mails directly to our accounts from a Mac. I searched hi and low testing a lot of other applications and could not find a product to meet our needs until I found AESync from GrinMark. GrinMark was the first and only company I could find who quickly and accurately set up the options we needed. Congrats to you and job well done! You are very responsive and your support is top grade! I feel lucky to have found your company.

Recommended by Chad Herman, IT Department,
Great Harvest Franchising Inc.

We at TUI have well thought and advanced business processes. So implementation of SugarCRM and Exchange integration is a challenge related to company size and complexity. GrinMark was able to cover these requirements with their Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer. We had excellent support during the pilot and deployment stages and synchronization logic was configured to meet all our needs including complex custom requirements.

Recommended by Bernd Krystofiak, Project Manager, TUI Infotec

GrinMark helped us formulate requirements to synchronize Exchange and SugarCRM calendars and worked with us through a pilot test project to ensure that everything works as expected before we went live with entire Sales Team – from trial to full implementation took just a few weeks. As a result, AESync allows our Sales Team to use either their Exchange or SugarCRM calendar with confidence that all appointments are synched to both calendars systems.

Recommended by Allan Staley, President, Soluble Systems

Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer is a perfect and seamless solution to get Outlook and Exchange synchronized with SugarCRM. The setup was easy and offers a lot of flexibility in using the product in environment-oriented way. Also the fast support has the same great quality as the product itself.

Recommended by IT-onBase GmbH

GrinMark absolutely stands behind its product and the product does exactly as advertised. We have just thrown at GrinMark a very challenging and unique situation. Through several emails and a couple of phone calls, all our custom requirements were implemented and we have a great system doing exactly what we want. GrinMark was persistent, responsive and professional the entire time - even when issues arose that were a result of us doing something wrong.

Recommended by Richard Cantin, President, Ayuda